- it cost transparency
- lightweight system integration
- TBM Framework

Who is MATRECIS for?

Matrecis. The global platform for powering IT cost efficiency.

Matrecis is a cost modelling platform built for CIO’s their staff and finance managers. It delivers trust in the IT organisation by providing transparency over the entire IT investment. Cost measures show where the investment is going, which parts of the business are consuming what, what the total cost of ownership is and much, much more. Performance metrics provide insight into the efficiency of suppliers, services, loading levels and more.

Matrecis makes it easy for the IT organisation to communicate the value of IT to the business. Matrecis comes loaded with a model reflecting the industry standard TBM framework. More about TBM can be found at

Office of the CIO

  • Gain visibility into the cost and quality of IT services
  • Use facts and metrics to run IT as a true value add service
  • See how best to shape the IT investment towards innovation, build and digital solutions
  • Articulate IT value in a language that is understood by the business
  • Bring together the best practices of financial and performance management and apply them to the complex environment of IT
  • A flexible tool for creating cost models complete with an out-of-the-box industry standard TBM framework Customisable and Standard TBM metrics and KPIs:
    • Cost-for-Performance;
    • Business Aligned Portfolio;
    • Investment in Innovation;
    • Enterprise Agility
    • Differentiation between diverse industries and channels

IT Finance

  • Creates IT Cost Transparency by taking data from other enterprise systems e.g: G/L, CMDB, Service Desk, PPM
  • Uses TBM taxonomy to understand how IT cost reporting compares to standard corporate finance information
  • Enables benchmarking of your data with leading third parties
  • Moves you away from spreadsheets and uses MATRECIS to manage sustainably IT finance and reporting

to your business?


Trusted TBM Framework applied - Create IT Cost Transparency, Show IT Value for Money, Shape Business Demand, Plan and Govern IT as a business


Lightweight System Integration – Decide how deep you want to integrate MATRECIS with your other systems in the enterprise


Translate the language of IT to the business – Use the proven TBM Taxonomy to communicate with Corporate Finance, Infrastructure & Operations and Business Leaders

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