Need IT financial transparency?

See how Matrecis does things differently:

  • Target up 10% opex reduction.
  • Powerful, controlled data sharing with communities.
  • Easy creation and linking of models to extend to other parts of the business.
  • No extra cost add ons: cost transparency, planning & budgeting, bill of IT and benchmarking all included.
  • Rapid data ETL starting with pre-configured and proven sandboxes.

Target up to an initial 10% opex reduction

Initial cost transparency deployment targets opex reduction with proven process around comparative supplier metrics.

Around 50% of the cost of
​​​​​​​market leader in IT space

No hidden costs, no new costs for additional capabilities. Lightening fast performance with a full BI capability built in.


Easily and rapidly leverage the knowledge and expertise of your enterprise for fast and informed decision making.

Use anywhere in the enterprise

Not just IT, leverage your finance data across any part of the enterprise with linked models for new or more performance insight. TBM, ITFM, TOGAF, anything.

Enquiry/Proof of Concept

SIG OneWorld BT IAG BRAMMER TechMachindra JD Volvo

Together with our consulting and implementation partner Morgan Hill we have delivered TBM consulting and software into a range of clients and industries.

Insight and Monitoring

Drill Down & Analytics

Power BI with Simple Drag & Drop

No extra costs and ons

All the features you need for a full TBM implementation.

Rapid data ETL

Very fast time to value. Rapid extraction, transform and load of source data. Use of proven templates and sandboxes prior to source data integration.

Want expert advice?

Expert, experienced advice from ex CIOs, Finance professionals and enterprise architects.