An advantage of the MATRECIS PLATFORM is its light weight - it does not have to involve deep and complicated integration with other tools of your organisation. Implementing the MATRECIS PLATFORM does not require a special set of skills or new employees on board. The people needed for successful implementation of the system are already there.

TBM Proof of Concept

Discover the benefits of TBM using a fixed duration 10 day Proof of Concept (POC). See your own data played back graphically in two layers of the TBM model: Financial and Tech Towers.

Level 1. Financial Metrics, including comparable benchmarks.

Answers questions like are we spending the right amount on IT and how do we know? Eg Total reconciled IT cost, IT as a % of turnover, IT cost per employee, spend by Build Run Manage, split by manpower, hardware, software, managed services.

Level 2. Technology Tower Metrics, including comparable benchmarks.

Provides strong indications of where financial efficiencies may lie. Cost of: networks & telephony, end user compute, applications, data centres & servers, service operations.

Provides comparable market metrics for external provider comparison: like cost per handset, cost per device, WAN cost per Mb, LAN cost per site.

The POC is a powerful way of understanding the benefits of TBM using your own data. It is platform independent so the results are portable across platforms.

Standard process:

  1. Contact MATRECIS for an intro presentation
  2. 10 day Proof of Concept
    • Your data shown in the MATRECIS CIO Dashboard
    • Early observations and insights
    • Proceed to implementation

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