MATRECIS PLATFORM your Enterprise TBM System

The MATRECIS PLATFORM is designed to provide IT Cost Transparency in accordance with the TBM Framework. Transparency is the main feature which starts value-conversation between IT leaders and business partners. It creates the view of the IT-business landscape in the organisation and allows informed discussion about which software, hardware or part of IT infrastructure was consumed, how and by whom and how much it costs the business and its units.

However, MATRECIS was built for TBM, its properties can be used to build and operate other models in your organisation. The MATRECIS PLATFORM is flexible enough to be used in Finance, Security, Marketing, Sales, and more. Please contact us for further information.


Model Creator

Lets you create and process TBM models. The module easily allows you to load data, copy it, create rules and weighting criteria to provide the most transparent IT cost image.

System Integration

The platform is equipped with a number of ways to integrate with your existing enterprise systems. Enables automatic or manual integration via MATRECIS connectors or through use of a sandbox environment. This supports the ability to extract, transform and load data from other tools used in your organisation.

CIO Dashboard

The system provides a pre-prepared set of reports, metrics, KPIs, dashboards and analysis. It also makes it easy to create your own dashboards and reports. Additionally, at any time, the user can customise the report and make changes as required.

Data Interaction

The system allows you to interact with your data by analysis through connected cost layers. This dynamic “drill-down” feature provides powerful and flexible insight and modelling capability.


We can offer consultancy to get you started. Our consultants have been CIO's, IT Finance Directors, Enterprise Architects and Senior Corporate IT Function Heads.

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